JCS Greentech Pte Ltd

Building on the experience and reputation of the JCS Group Pte Ltd in high-tech machinery, JCS Greentech Pte Ltd is poised to become the market leader in specialized high-end, “Green” equipment for growing industries such as the “Solar/Semi-Con Wafer” industry, revolutionary Data-Center “OBI Systems” or liquid cooling equipment, as well as the “Renewable Energy” sector, specializing in CHP Systems (Combined Heat and Power) production and assembly units.

Also through its sister company JCS Technologies Pte Ltd, JCS Greentech Pte Ltd is now offering direct manufacturer to customer pricing for “Diamond Wire” used in the Semi-Conductor and Solar Industry.

Further along with the completed “Diamond Wire” product JCS Greentech Pte Ltd,  has the ability to provide raw materials such as raw diamond powder and “Core” wire materials for other Diamond Wire applications. 

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